Certified raw material

Certified raw material ensures that the raw material comes from reliable sources and that the forest is always replanted.

Rundvirke Skog AB and its sister companies, as buyers of forest raw materials, users of forest land and sellers of processed wood products, shall work to ensure that the business is conducted as carefully as possible for the environment and for the employees.

We achieve this by:

  • Complying with relevant legislation and complying with PEFC requirements and intentions.
  • Making sure that purchased raw material does not originate from:
    – illegal fellings
    – forests with high conservation values
    – forests where established or civil rights are violated
    – forests with genetically modified trees
    – natural forests that have been felled for the purpose of using the area for plantations or non-forest land use.
  • Conducting operations and improvement work to reduce possible negative environmental impact.
  • Procuring wood raw materials with the largest possible share from environmentally adapted, certified forestry and work to increase this share.
  • Train and inform our personnel so that they can meet the requirements of this policy.

Would you like to know more about our work with certified wood raw materials? Get in touch with our timber buyer at Rundvirke Skog/Fredrik Granath, CEO Rundvirke Skog.

Timber buyer Rundvirke Skog

The Group’s companies are certified according to PEFC and FSC. Would you like to know more about these certifications? Read more here.


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