Rundvirke Industrier

Sweden’s largest special timber group

Rundvirke Industrier consists of five wood and impregnation industries in Sweden, all of which are among the foremost in their respective markets.

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Solid professional knowledge and a great feeling for our wood raw material

Our first company was founded over 100 years ago. That’s about the time it takes for a pine tree to grow to maturity for harvesting, here in the north of Sweden. In Rundvirke Industrier, and its subsidiary companies, we are close to the forests we work in. This, together with solid professional knowledge, a feeling for our wood raw materials and the ability to improve our products in step with conservation, has made us Sweden’s largest specialist timber group.

There was a time when railway sleepers lasted no longer than ten years, and it was impossible to expand our electricity grid, because all effort went into replacing rotting power line poles. We solved the problem by impregnating our poles.

Today, we are characterised by wood protection and high quality wood raw materials.

Most of the trees that we harvest are first checked and selected in the forest by one of our inspectors. For us this is obvious and necessary to obtain timber for use in our special production of telephone and power line poles, joinery components, sleepers and posts.

Rundvirke Skog

We are part of Sweden’s largest special timber group, which is active from southern Dalarna to northern Jämtland. Would you like help with felling, forest management or other forestry advice? Contact our subsidiary, Rundvirke Skog.

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Quality & Environment

Rundvirke Industrier’s operations are based on quality products with a long life and good durability. As buyers of forest raw materials, users of forest land and sellers of processed wood products, our subsidiaries shall work to ensure that the business is conducted as carefully as possible for the environment and for the employees. Our subsidiaries represent certification within ISO9001, ISO14001, PEFC, Achilles and they work in a structured way to continuously improve quality and environment.

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Rundvirke Industrier is active in a sector that is one of Sweden’s key industries, the forest industry. It is a high-tech industry with sustainability at the centre and which brings substantial export revenues to Sweden.

Within Rundvirke Industrier and its subsidiaries, we are some 200 committed employees distributed over most of Sweden. Our industries are situated in Dalarna, Hälsingland and Jämtland where most of us are stationed.

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