Quality and environment

Within Rundvirke Industrier, quality and the environment are two mainstays.

Rundvirke Industrier and its subsidiaries, as buyers of forest raw materials, users of forest land and manufacturers and sellers of processed wood products, shall work to ensure that the business is conducted in such a manner that we ensure and continuously improve the quality of our products as carefully as possible for the environment and for the employees.

Quality and environmental policy

Our product ranges are based on our customers’ needs and expectations. The environment must be a governing factor in the company’s operations in all respects.

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Certified raw material

Certified raw material ensures that the raw material comes from reliable sources and that the forest is always replanted.

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Certified industry

Being affiliated to safety systems ensures that we always strive to improve our quality and environmental work.

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LCA analyses

Wood is the only truly renewable material for building construction. Wood is the future.

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