Certified industry

Being affiliated to safety systems ensures that we always strive to improve our quality and environmental work.

Our operations in Ludvika and Kälarne, which manufacture power line poles, sleepers and fence posts, are certified in a number of quality and environmental systems and bodies to ensure that we satisfy the high requirements required of our products.


Pressure impregnated wood is and has always been a vital part of the Group’s operations. At present, we manufacture and sell impregnated products such as power line poles, sleepers, fence posts and various special products such as jetties, stone caissons and piles. NTR is short for the Nordic Wood Protection Council and is a quality stamp to certify that our impregnated products have the right amount of uptake for the specific quality requirements for the products. NTR is a unique quality system in the wood protection industry and quality is ensured by an independent certification body which inspects our facilities several times a year. With NTR’s quality stamp, you can be sure that you buy products of the right quality!

Would you like to know more about NTR and pressure impregnated wood?  Visit NTR website.

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ISO 9001/14001

Our operations in Ludvika and Kälarne focus on the manufacture and sale of power line poles, sleepers and fence posts and are certified according to ISO 14001 and 9001. These are internationally accepted standards that constitute the basis for establishing environmental management and quality management. The requirements of the quality and environmental system are checked each year by an independent certification body and as evidence that the company meets the requirements set in the standard and that the company has active, high-quality quality and environmental work, the company receives these certificates.

The principles within ISO 9001 are Customer Focus, Leadership, Employee Commitment, Process Orientation, Improvement, Fact-Based Decisions and Relationship Management. Our company works with these areas to continuously set new objectives, discuss solutions, involve employees and drive improvements.

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TransQ is a pre-qualification system for procurement in the Nordic transport industry. Through this certification, customers can be confident in our quality and environmental work for infrastructure products in the transport sector.

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Sellihca is a collaboration between the main Nordic energy companies to certify suppliers in procurements. Through this certification, our customers can be confident in our quality and environmental work for infrastructure products for the energy sector. We are certified to deliver goods and services to the companies that are in the Sellihca collaboration. Certificates are shown further down the page.

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Achilles is a certification that assures our customers that we have safe workplaces, good quality of our products, good working conditions for our employees and work actively to improve the sustainability of our operations.

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Certificate of conformity

Certificate of Conformity or CoC is a mandatory document that is needed for customs clearance of exports to many countries around the world. The certificate of conformity shows that the goods exported satisfy the relevant technical regulations and national, regional or international standards of the importing country. The object of the certificate is to protect the health, safety and environment of citizens from imported goods that do not satisfy the requirements and to provide them with necessary security in their local market.

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Documents for downloading

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