Our vision

Wood is the future!

When you work with us, you contribute to a renewable future and a sustainable climate. Our approach is that wood is necessary to solve current and future climate problems and that wood as a renewable raw material is needed to replace finite raw materials such as concrete, steel and plastic.

We work continually for active forestry that counteracts global warming. For each tree that we fell, we plant at least two new trees. Trees in sustainably managed forests create wood raw material where Sweden can excel with fantastic quality relative to the rest of the world. At Rundvirke Industrier, we make use of this quality raw material and make products that are in demand all over the world. Through our strong exports, we contribute to the Swedish society.

Rundvirke Industrier’s vision is that all our operations should be at the top of marketing in our subsidiaries’ respective markets with the highest quality and the least possible environmental impact.

  • We believe that wood is the solution to present and future climate challenges.
  • We believe in a living countryside and local connections.
  • We believe that the right raw material should be used to the maximum for the right purpose and without waste.
  • We believe in an open, inclusive culture with short decision paths.
  • We believe in the development of our employees to ensure that we always go ahead.

Safety and health are our most important success factors. You should feel good at work and come home safely every day. Everyone should feel that they are welcome at work, be satisfied and feel good. We want to create a safe working environment where everyone is an obvious member of the community, and respected and contributes to the company’s development and profitability. We are convinced that we will get better development, more efficient flow chains, more innovative ideas and enjoy being at work if our employees look forward to going to work.

We believe in wood as the solution to present and future climate challenges.

Rundvirke Industrier

We are constantly looking for committed employees in timber purchasing, timber inspection, machine operators, truck drivers, economists, salespeople, production managers and managers. If you are interested in a managerial or specialist position in the future, there are good opportunities to develop within Rundvirke Industrier. Rundvirke Industrier has about 220 employees, with most stationed from southern Dalarna to northern Jämtland.

Would you like to work in a privately owned company with a strong belief in local operations, Swedish wood raw material and quality in each step? If so, apply for one of our vacancies or send a spontaneous application!